• Let's do things differently

    CueZero is the adaptive pulse survey for forward-thinking companies

    CueZero exists to help you make faster, more informed decisions by capturing and exploring staff feedback quickly and efficiently.

    How is CueZero different? I want to know more!
  • Don't miss a cue

    What cues does your current survey or feedback process miss?

    If your team is too large or distributed to have regular, face-to-face conversations about what's happening in your business and what to do about it, CueZero is for you.

    How is CueZero different? I want to know more!
  • Welcome to CueZero

    We’re reimagining the survey

    CueZero brings together the flexibility and interactivity of a social network, with the structure and logic of an organizational survey.

    How is CueZero different? I want to know more!

CueZero at a glance


Continuous communication and feedback connection

Individual newsfeeds allow active engagement and two-way communication between staff and leaders. Don’t just ask questions – acknowledge feedback and provide real time updates as well.


Crowdsourced survey questions, so you never miss a cue

Democratized survey design – staff can suggest and vote on future survey questions. This creates an adaptive and constructive feedback trail design to make sure you’re covering all the important issues, as and when they emerge.


Instant feedback and reporting at your fingertips

Real time surveys directly in the hands of managers and HR so you can ask about what’s important, when it’s important – even if you’re on-the-go. Simple, interpreted reports mean you can get straight into action planning.


Direct investigation of results through follow-up questioning

Follow-up questioning capabilities allow you to delve deeper into important or unexpected trends by following up directly with respondents seamlessly as part of the same process.


Continuous, adaptive feedback with CueZero

In CueZero, pulse survey campaigns are run in brief cycles that start with a small number of opening questions. CueZero is adaptive, because the results to these opening questions can then be explored and clarified progressively through focused follow-up questions. The cycle ends when it has provided enough information for understanding an issue or informing a decision





CueZero is not just for engagement surveys

CueZero’s continuous and adaptive survey process means that it can be used to support any organizational process where staff feedback and interaction is critical for success.


Here are just some of the ways you can use CueZero


Frontline feedback

Your front line has access to key insights about your customer. CueZero gives you a way to ensure that this insight isn’t lost, so you can act on issues and opportunities quickly.

Idea generation and problem-solving

CueZero’s open and iterative questioning capabilities make it an ideal platform for structured idea generation and problem-solving.


CueZero provides an integrated and continuous approach not just for measuring staff engagement – but for actually influencing engagement and accountability.

Culture change and assessment

CueZero allows you to continuously monitor the signals of your organization’s cultural health and provides your staff a voice in the culture change process.

Project evaluation and monitoring

To ensure the success of your project or change initiative, it’s important to be informed and aware of key changes. It’s also critical to be able to measure project success and return on investment before it’s too late.

Connect a remote team

You can use CueZero to allow you and your team to maintain a continuous dialogue about what’s working, what’s not, and what’s new, even though you don’t see each other face-to-face every day.

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